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May 20, 2002

All-New 'Mazda Atenza' Zooms into Dealer Showrooms Nationwide

- Newly developed platform and 'MZR' engine adopted for the first time in Mazda's new generation product line-up -

Mazda is keeping up the pace of the company's current resurgence, announcing today the market introduction of its new midsize car, the Mazda Atenza.

The all-new 5-door "SPORT" model and the 4-door "SEDAN" go on sale in Japan today, available nationwide through Mazda and Mazda Enfini showrooms. The station wagon, or "SPORT WAGON," will be available from June 24th.

The Atenza is representative of Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom" spirit -- the childlike love of motion -- and is built to set a new global benchmark for a midsize car through its high dynamic performance, design, packaging, craftsmanship, safety and environmental performance.

Perfectly embodying the unique Mazda DNA -- Stylish, Insightful and Spirited, everything from the platform to the engine was newly developed, and the car has an all-new name to match. Atenza, a word derived from the Italian "attenzione" ("attention" in English), denotes our attention to detail, that underlies the product's strengths, while reflecting a spirit of kindness as well as speed and energy.

Overseas, the vehicle will be sold as the Mazda6.

Domestic monthly sales target is set at 2,500 units.


The Atenza development team set the following five specific goals:
1. Deliver distinct and attractive design that owes nothing to other cars
2. Retain the strength of Mazda's rich heritage in developing cutting-edge performance and technology to meet or beat the driving dynamics of the best European midsize vehicles
3. Create uniquely innovative packaging to meet the demands and offer true satisfaction to all of our customers worldwide, regardless of their physique or size
4. Achieve new levels of quality and quietness reflecting the raised ambition of Mazda's new product programs
5. Include the most advanced safety and security technologies, and extensive environmental protection measures

Outline of Atenza
1. Distinctive and attractive design
- Exterior Design
The strength of the exterior design is in the Atenza's dynamic "athletic" stance that appeals to all the senses and gives physical form to Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom" philosophy.
Each of the models has distinctive exterior features:
* SPORT (5-door): designed with an uplifting, athletic image
* SEDAN (4-door): a design that speaks of elegance and high quality
* SPORT WAGON (station wagon): a sporty and sophisticated exterior
- Interior design: Fresh, spacious, innovative
The original, roomy interior boasts a highly functional layout with optimized space utilization.

2. Superb driving performance

- The newly developed platform, with its highly rigid body enhanced by newly designed front and rear suspension, will satisfy drivers who demand dynamic performance with a high-comfort ride for long-distance driving.
* The new high-mounted double-wishbone front suspension and E-type multi-link rear suspension, the precise and responsive steering with a rigid feel, and the class leading brake performance - all are smoothly integrated with new powertrain technology into the core of the new model's dynamic performance.
* The 2000DOHC and the 2300DOHC are newly developed low-weight, high rigidity, aluminum in-line 4-cylinder "MZR" engines. Mazda has taken the lead in developing this engine, and more than 1,500,000 units are to be produced worldwide by the Ford group.
* The 2300DOHC "MZR" features S-VT (Sequential Valve Timing), VIS (Variable Induction System) mounted in the resin intake manifold, TSCV (Tumble Swirl Control Valves), and catalyst converters located under the floor and a dual-pipe exhaust manifold. The result is superb engine performance, combined with low fuel consumption and clean emissions.
* 2000DOHC "MZR" engine uses regular gasoline which is very efficient in terms of economy and provides excellent functionality and lower emissions performance. In particular, the 2300DOHC "MZR" engine powered SPORT model is equipped with twin silencers on standard, which enhances its output by 4% compared to the SEDAN and SPORT WAGON that has a single silencer.

  4-Cylinder 2300DOHC "MZR" 4-Cylinder 2000DOHC "MZR"
Total displacement 2,260cc 1,998cc
Maximum output (NET) 131kW(178PS)/6,500rpm 110kW(150PS)/6,000rpm [SPORT]
Maximum torque (NET) 215Nm(21.9kg-m)/4,000rpm 182Nm(18.6kg-m)/4,500rpm

3. Innovating packaging

- Comfortable seat design and functional layout of control and switches are the product of careful ergonomic analysis and extensive research on our target customers, which has established a new global standard.
- Driving positions are fully responsive to a range of body types through class-topping seat & steering adjustability.
- Exceptional functionality is an essential element of Mazda's product DNA, and is demonstrated by our "karakuri-inspired seat design," an innovate rear-seat folding mechanism that is the first of its kind. The rear seat in the Sport and Sport Wagon fold completely flat at the just the touch of a button in the luggage compartment. The "karakuri" is a traditional Japanese wind-up doll, with a wide-range of mechanical movements.
- Completing the package are such versatile interior storage features as the spacious glove box with a detachable built-in luggage bin.

4. Craftsmanship
- Mazda has raised the bar of craftsmanship with meticulous attention to operational feeling and sound, the fit of components, and to every detail from the body to the interior switches. An example of the precise finish and high quality is the uniformity and minimization of the gap between the headlights and the front bumper, which is reduced, as well as around the doors.
- Mazda has realized "beauty in function" with an aid of ergonomic measurement and analysis, to develop comfortable seats that hug the driver, reducing tiredness on long drives. The cockpit is equipped with large meters and an information display to enhance accessibility and visibility.

5. Advanced safety standards and environmental protection
- For passive safety, the newest dual-stage front airbags, newly developed SRS curtain airbags and the triple H structure*1 provides high rigidity and safety, ensuring reliable performance in passenger protection. All of these features meet or surpass the stringent safety regulations of the world's major markets for safety performance. "Active safety" is realized as well, through Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and a host of other features.
- The latest powertrain technologies deliver low fuel consumption and clean emissions. Vehicles with the 2000DOHC and 2300DOHC "MZR" engine qualify for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's "A-1 Low Emission Gas" rating (a reduction in emission gases of 50% since the year 2000). In addition, vehicles with the 2000DOHC "MZR" will meet the 2010 new fuel consumption standards, and can receive preferential treatment*2 under the green tax system.

*1 Mazda Advanced Impact-energy Distribution and Absorption System.
*2 Newly registered vehicles up to March 31, 2003 are eligible for the special Tax Reductions in the Automobile Acquirement Tax (A reduction of 15,000 yen for private vehicles) and the Automobile Tax ("A-1 Low Emission gas" vehicles, are eligible for a 25% tax break for two years, starting from the fiscal year after the purchase of the vehicle.)

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (Excluding tax) (Unit: 1,000 yen)
Body Type Engine Grade Retail Price
SPORT (5-door) 4-cylinder 2000DOHC
20F 2,000
4-cylinder 2300DOHC
23C 2,100
23S 2,300
SEDAN (4-door) 4-cylinder 2000DOHC
20F 1,800
20C 2,000
4-cylinder 2300DOHC
23E 2,100
23E Luxury Package 2,360
(Station wagon)
4-cylinder 2000DOHC
20F 2,000
4-cylinder 2300DOHC
23C 2,100
23S 2,300
Note: All vehicles are FWD model.