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April 8, 2002
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Mazda Goes 'Zoom-Zoom' with New Brand Message

- The worldwide Zoom-Zoom communications campaign comes to Japan -

Mazda Motor Corporation is to start a full-scale domestic communications campaign using its new brand message "Zoom-Zoom" for the first time in Japan. Capturing the love of motion experienced as a child, Zoom-Zoom is being used around the world to leverage the Mazda brand. Starting on April 10, a new campaign will promote all Mazda vehicles in Japan.

Since the introduction of Mazda's new brand strategy as a core business objective in 1998, Mazda has worked to build an emotional connection between our products and our target customers. This strategy aims to communicate Fun-to-Drive spirit of the Mazda brand and Mazda vehicles. This spirit is described as Zoom-Zoom and its launch in a communication campaign in Japan represents the culmination of Mazda's brand evolution. The new brand message Zoom-Zoom is a plain and simple expression of what Mazda stands for.

Zoom-Zoom has already proved a great success with customers in North America, Europe and Australia, and was first presented in Japan as a theme of the Mazda stand at Tokyo Motor Show last year. Its introduction in Japan will complete the introduction of Zoom-Zoom in all major markets worldwide.

As Mazda's brand message, Zoom-Zoom aims to recreate the fun-to-drive feeling of Mazda and Mazda products. It is an evolutionary step beyond the successful "New ideas that stirs your emotions" phrase which has been used in advertising since 1999. Zoom-Zoom transcends "New Ideas" to truly represent the new generation of products Mazda will bring to market - starting with the Mazda Atenza - products that are genuinely fun-to-drive.

Masazumi Wakayama, Director in charge of Domestic Marketing said, "Zoom-Zoom is a phrase children use when they imitate the sound of a car engine. It expresses a fascination with motion experienced by a child playing with a toy car or riding a bike. The Mazda brand conveys this feeling and emotion in our products and Zoom-Zoom captures this feeling perfectly. Mazda's new products deliver exciting and exhilarating driving experiences and that is what our customers want. This is the emotional connection we seek with our customers."

The new communications campaign in Japan is based on the use of Zoom-Zoom Music in radio and TV advertisements for all of the Mazda models. The Zoom-Zoom music was originally written and composed by Kao Rossman and titled as "Zoom-Zoom-Zoom."* It was specially remixed for Mazda to achieve that fun-to-drive emotion and Mazda is using the music globally. In addition, a little boy named "Micah" appears in the advertisements as a messenger who sends the brand message to customers, whispering Zoom-Zoom reminding adults of that fun childhood moment. The film and music are full of life and energy, perfectly representing the fun and fun-to-drive characteristics of Mazda vehicles.

The Zoom-Zoom advertising campaign starts on April 10 on TV, with the teaser advertisements for Mazda's all new mid-size car, Atenza.
* "Zoom-Zoom-Zoom" is compiled in the original sound track of the 1993 film "Only the Strong (20th Century Fox)." Mazda's reproduction version is not for sale, but only for advertising use.

Mazda 'Zoom-Zoom'
Mazda 'Zoom-Zoom'