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October 18, 2000

Mazda Unveils Genuine Sports Car, Limited Edition RX-7 Type RZ

- Also enhances all existing RX-7 models for better handling and safety -

Mazda Motor Corporation announces the release of the RX-7 Type RZ, a performance-enhanced limited edition version of the RX-7, Mazda's rotary engine-powered sports car, as well as enhancements to the other models in the RX-7 lineup. The new RX-7 models, including the limited edition Type RZ, go on sale today at Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

The limited edition RX-7 Type RZ is equipped with red custom full-bucket seats manufactured by Recaro, a custom suspension system manufactured by Bilstein, and custom aluminum wheels manufactured by BBS. These and other enhancements reduce the overall weight of the Type RZ by approximately 10kg, improving handling and performance. The Type RZ has a custom body color-snow white pearl mica. Only 175 units of this limited edition model will be sold.

The improvements to the new RX-7 lineup, in general, include modifications to the brake and suspension systems to enhance driving performance and handling stability. The interior features an instrument panel with white meters, metal plated frame rings, and red illumination for a more sporty look. The reinforced side impact bars and ABS equipped with an EBD (electrically-controlled braking distribution) system for all four wheels enhance safety.

The new RX-7 expresses Mazda's stylish, insightful and spirited brand personality. Its distinctiveness is the result of a design process emphasizing three key ideas: distinctive design, exceptional functionality, and responsive handling and performance. By exploiting the strengths of the lightweight, compact, and high-output rotary engine, RX-7 achieves an exceptional level of "responsive handling and performance." The RX-7 is the sports car that best symbolizes Mazda.

The monthly sales target is 300 units.

Limited edition RX-7 Type RZ
Limited edition RX-7 Type RZ

Primary features of the limited edition RX-7 Type RZ

  The limited edition Type RZ is based on the top-performance version of the RX-7, the Type RS, and is equipped with a number of sporty custom accessories. It is approximately 10 kg lighter than the Type RS, resulting in a power-weight ratio of 6.17 kg/kW (4.54 kg/PS). Features include the following:
 - Red custom full-bucket seats manufactured by Recaro
 - Custom "gun metallic" colored aluminum wheels manufactured by BBS
 - Custom dampers manufactured by Bilstein
 - Custom red stitched steering wheel manufactured by Nardi
 - Custom red stitched leather shift knob, stick shift boot, and parking brake lever boot
 -Driver's side kneepad
 - Passenger side aluminum footrest board
 - Rear storage box
 - Custom body color: snow white pearl mica

Main Product Enhancements
  Improved Braking Performance
  - The ABS control unit for all four wheels has been upgraded from the conventional 8 to 16 bits and equipped with an EBD (electrically controlled braking distribution) system. This results in shorter stopping distances when the brakes are applied suddenly and enhanced vehicle stability.
  Enhanced Ride and Maneuverability
  - The damping force of the suspension dampers has been changed (Type RB and Type RS) and a check value has been added to the power steering system for improved handling.
  Improved Safety
  - The conventional side impact bars have been reinforced with the addition of lower side impact bars positioned in the bottom portion of the doors. Also, manual transmission models have been equipped with a clutch interlock mechanism that prevents the engine from starting unless the clutch is depressed.
  Sportier Interior
  - The gauges on the instrument panel feature white text and metal plated frame rings. In addition, the gauges, climate control system, and audio system panel have red illumination for a more sporty look.
  - The center portion of the seats is covered with a knit rubber fabric for a snugger fit and a sporty feel. (Type RB S-package, Type RB automatic transmission model, Type RS)
  New Concept in Audio Systems
  - With Mazda's new concept in audio systems, a variety of module type audio kits are available, making it simple to add additional functions, such as a CD or MD player, or replace an existing function with a new one. The system is exclusive to Mazda and is designed to be expandable, so it will be ready for the next generation in media when it arrives.
  New Body Color Options
  - The following body colors are available: innocent blue mica, vintage red, pure white (new), brilliant black, sunlight silver metallic (new).

Pricing of New RX-7 and Limited Edition RX-7 Type RZ

(Unit: 1,000 yen)
Model Engine Max. output Transmission Price
Type RB 13B-REW
(sequential twin-turbo rotary engine)
195kW[265PS] 5MT 2,948
188kW[255PS] 4EC-AT 3,148
Type RB S-package 195kW[265PS] 5MT 3,158
Type R 206kW[280PS] 5MT 3,548
Type RS 5MT 3,848
Type RZ (limited edition) 5MT 3,998